RIGG Studio is your single point of contact from design to completion. 

Our services include sketches, drawings, analysis, digital modeling, and coordination of the project team. We also act as your agent through permitting, contractor selection, and construction. 

Many architects are not currently implementing Building Information Modeling (BIM) software and technology into their workflows. You want to work with an architect that is. 

RIGG Studio utilizes the latest digital tools and technology combined with sustainable design strategies and a sensitivity to site, environment, and client needs. Working with RIGG Studio means you will have a 3D model of your project created very early in the process and you'll be able to visualize your project long before construction begins. The BIM workflow allows for better project coordination and it will give you the ability to better understand every aspect of your project. Additionally, the BIM workflow allows us to extract information such as energy consumption, solar orientation, shadow studies, and material takeoffs for estimating.

BIM Workflow allows 

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